Corporate Social

In this challenging environment, many of our clients have turned to us for help in assessing their CSR strengths and weaknesses, and developing plans to enhance this increasingly important aspect of corporate reputation.

We design programmes that directly touch the lives of disadvantaged and underserved people, while reaping rich benefits for companies through combining it, subtly with strategic brand visibility.

Establishing an understanding of corporate intentions while doing CSR is extremely critical and therefore our teams work closely with clients' corporate communication team to promote CSR activities/projects, through media and other public fora.

We offer the range of following CSR related services:

Baseline Surveys and Needs Assessments for high impact CSR strategies
Design and implementation of CSR projects, appropriate to your budget,
corporate objectives and geographic foot prints
Identification of partners and their enrollment in a phased and consistent manner
CSR partnerships with national and international development organizations wherever relevant
Media promotion - based on ground-level results
Monitoring and evaluation - to ensure compliance with audit needs
CSR audits - on program efficacy.